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Are you looking to meet the most prestigious people in the community to build long term relationship that will provide you invaluable business contacts?

The Soundview Club is one of the most exclusive membership- only associations in Fairfield County.  Members have been gathering under the Club’s banner for decades.  Our members are business executives from prestigious companies, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs with thriving businesses.  Lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors are only a few of the industries represented at The Club, and these individuals are the best in their business.  Put yourself in the company of the brightest and mentor with people that want to help you build your business.

Do you have a home based business and need a well appointed space to meet your clients?

You can make The Club an extension of your home office.  You will have private time to meet clients, strategize with your staff and increase your productivity.  Maintain your focus in your Soundview Club space and avoid the distractions that are prevalent in your home office.  Take advantage of our high-speed wireless network, computers and fax machine, which are all complimentary to you.   Refreshments are always available and lunch for one or twenty can be arranged, as you having signing privilege for all food and beverage order s for the Lounge.  We give you first class service to make you and your guests feel privileged.  We make it effortless for you do business with your clients that either live in Stamford or come to visit.