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Soundview Networking

The Art of Networking is just that.  It is a specific way and preparation to meet people that you hope to see again to build a relationship with, and have the opportunity to do business with in the future.  At Soundview Networking we actually network before we begin our program.  We use specific exercises to “break the ice” and begin our building process.   There are up to twenty people who join in Soundview Networking.  The room is filled with just the kind of people that you would truly like to meet.  It is our position that the at Soundview Networking, the more you offer to another person, either a member or a guest, the more you are will receive at some point in the future.  Soundview Networking meets monthly on the fourth Thursday of each month.  Board Member Rocky Progano is the Chairman of this event.

Thirsty Thursday

Directly following Soundview Networking is the social event.  We invite all members from Networking, the entire membership and guests.  We meet in Northern Lights on the Lobby level of the hotel.  Drinks are compliments of The Club and it gives our members and guests additional time to spend together.  Catherin Mahaffey, general manager, hosts this event.

Golf Program

Can you think of a better way to enjoy an afternoon, network with members and guests and build friendships?

You really don’t have to be a scratch golfer to participate in our golf outings.  If you don’t play golf at all there is always an after golf party to join.  This program has been apart of The Club since our days at the Landmark Club.  The Club has a number of golfers and spring is always a time to gather your foursome and play at private and semi private clubs in Fairfield County.  There are four to five outings per year depending on the weather.  So come with your foursome or as a single.  This is also a great opportunity to entertain clients and talk a little business while you enjoy the outing.  A schedule of Golf courses and times is announced by the end of April each year.  The golf program is run by Board Member Tim Riley.

Guest Speaker Events

This is a new program which began in 2010.  Our Chairman of this committee, Mitch Tublin is a professional speaker, author and coach, so we are fortunate that we have his expertise in seeking individuals that are very interested to speak at The Club.  We look to a variety of industries that include motivational speakers, political personalities, authors, and writers.  These events are scheduled on a quarterly basis and guests are welcome.  We combine these events with networking, food and beverage for an all around day or evening well spent.

Annual Yacht Cruise

For the past eight years, Soundview Club members have always enjoyed at least two days on the water each summer.  This year we have a choice of two yachts, one for guests of twenty and the other for over 60 people.  Food, refreshments, and friendship abound on these cruises.  They can also be chartered for your personal use for a private party or a corporate event